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I have been using Linny's kennel since 2009 for my chocolate lab,
ESPN. He has always been well taken care of and spends quite a
bit of time there. Linny has always been extremely helpful when
something has come up and we need to change a time or date for
pickup or delivery. After all of these years, she isn't just the owner
of the kennel she is a friend.
Date of Posting: 30 July 2015
Posted By: Gale Walton
I highly recommend Linny's Kennel ! We have been taking our German Shepherd, Shadow, to Linny's for about 3 years now, We won't take him anywhere else! We know that Shadow is not only in good hands, but; is loved and cared for each time (he's been there several times.) As a matter of fact, when he knows he is going to Linny's he can't get out the door fast enough, and once there, he forgets we are still there!

Linny loves all of the dogs that she boards as though they are her own, and it is evident each time we are there, I have never trusted anyone with our dog (who is family, not just a dog) like I do Linny !

(We love you Linny! See you soon!)

Lisa, Andy, Kim and of course Shadow!!
Date of Posting: 29 July 2015
Posted By: Lisa, Andy, Kim and of course Shadow!!
I've known Linny for many years, we've breed Siberian Huskies & I've boarded my dogs with her too.
The kennel has always smelled clean & no odor like others I've visited.

Her kennel was built with the dogs in mind & the best care for them, how they could feel at home, are secure at all times & the dogs have the option of being inside the kennel or out side in their runs, where they can get fresh air.

I would not board my dogs any where else! I've driven from Normandy, MO & St Peters, Mo to board my dogs at Linny's kennel.

I know my dogs are getting tender loving care, individual attention and if one would get sick, Linny will make sure they're cared for.
That she lives on the property is a plus too as she has an uncanny source to know when some thing is wrong and can get up to her kennel is a split second. She also has a security alarm on the kennel so NO One can get in when the kennel is not open

As a breeder Linny, is great too. She made certain kennel runs just for those mothers so they had extra room, right up front so she can keep an eye on them when she's in the office, set up special with heat lamps, etc. the large window so public can view babies too

The other advantage to the kennel is that the dogs are separated from the office, but a large window where people can look thru to see the dogs, mom's & puppies. That only a few people are allowed back with the dogs, so less chance of spreading diseases to the dogs.
Date of Posting: 29 July 2015
Posted By: Phyllis Massa-Busch
We have been taking our Pomeranian to Linny's for 12 years and would not board him anywhere else. She is very loving with all her clients and from what I have witnessed, all her fur clients really love her. I know my Little Man does. We have also used her for our grooming. There was one time I could not get in with her groomer and went to another place. When I picked up my Pom he was scared and sad. Last time I ever took him someplace besides Linny. If she is full we will wait until she has an opening. Learned a valuable lesson, if your puppy is not happy when you pick them up, then something is wrong. Never in the 13 years that I have used Linny has my dog not wanted to stay. We will use her for as long as our Little"old" Man is with us. I also will recommend her to anyone who is needing a groomer or boarding. She's the best!!
Date of Posting: 29 July 2015
Posted By: Bonnie Hargraves

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